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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What exactly is a Vegan Diet?

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products, honey and all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans also do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and some alcohol.
People choose to be vegan for health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons. "A Vegan diet has been proven to aid weight loss, lower cholesterol, decrease fat intake and significantly reduce blood pressure. Studies have also shown that vegans are a class of people with the least amount of cancer; this is partially due to the fact that vegans try to stay away from food with a lot of pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives , some of which have been proven to cause cancer." - Vegan 2000

So what Exactly do Vegan's eat?
A vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits and the nearly infinite number of foods made by combining them. Many vegan versions of familiar foods are available, so you can eat vegan hot dogs, vegan cheese and vegan ice cream. The picture shows the types of foods associated with a Vegan diet and daily intake recommendations.

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