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Friday, 26 August 2011

Becoming Vegan in Luxembourg - Food Shopping

When my Doctor prescribed me a Vegan diet....I honestly thought..."How difficult can that be in multicultural Luxembourg?" Well trust me when I say it's way harder than you might think. Luxembourg isn't exactly the most Vegan friendly country and if your limited in languages then there isn't that much help available:( But never fear, that's why I'm here!

First place to get started is on the website for the Vegan Society in Luxembourg the site is only available in German or French, but does provide some info in English on where to buy Vegan food and where to eat out.

My other recommended site would definitely be This is an online shop that specializes in everything from Vegan food alternatives to clothing and accessories. They also offer secure payment through Paypal for all you internet wary shoppers out there.

Over recent years, more and more Organic and health-food shops have opened in Luxembourg, however not all of them cater for Vegans. A case in point would be when I asked in Naturata for cheese without milk, "Cheese ALWAYS comes with milk," the server replied! Having said that, you can find such wonders as egg free mayonnaise and pasta in Bio shops as well as an assortment of Tofu and Soya milk alternatives.

Some of the main supermarkets also stock a range of Vegan produce. Cactus is especially good for "Wheaty" products and DelHaize has a wide selection of Tofu alternatives. Be aware though that Quorn is Not a Vegan product as it has some dairy in its content.

Little Britain in Capellen has also started stocking some Vegan replacement alternatives and offers a selection of Linda McCartney frozen meals (read the label to ensure that these are dairy free.)

Here is a list of some places I would recommend for the Vegan diet shopper:-

  • Veganlife -
  • Naturata - Various locations visit
  • Bio- Lux Sarl in Strassen - (website doesn't seem to work though.)
  • LittleBritain -
  • Naturstiffchen - Rue Glesener, Luxembourg
  • Biobutteck - Rue de Kiem Capellen, Luxembourg
  • Farmers Market - Place Guillaume every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am-1.30pm

Happy Shopping:)

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