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Sunday, 1 February 2015

A 'Vegan' Valentines Day from LUSH

On Thursday 29th January the lovely people from LUSH Luxembourg, invited us Bloggers for a sneak peak at their all new Valentines Day themed collection.

Now, first and foremost, I say the LOVELY people at LUSH because they are truly fantastic! Every time I pop in the shop, which I confess is often, they greet me with a cheery smile and are always keen to explain things and help out! I also suspect they are a little bit on the wacky and crazy side which, being a bit weird myself, I completely LOVE!

As a Vegan and an animal rights activist purchasing cosmetics can be a bit of a mind field to navigate. Thankfully LUSH not only label all their products Vegan or Vegetarian, they ensure that none of their products are tested on animals. This also  means that they thoroughly  "vet" all their suppliers to ensure they adhere to the same standards. So you can be sure that EU law is not being bypassed by outsourcing to China, something many cosmetics companies currently do!

LUSH was founded back in 1995 in the "ickle" town of Poole, Dorset. Today they have over 900 stores worldwide.
The vast majority of their products are handmade and they have a 21 day delivery policy from factory to store, so you can be sure your product is as fresh as can be. All products have a sticker on them telling you when the product was made and the exact sell by date. They also have a picture of the person who made your product on the sticker, from glancing at my collection, Ben at Lush has been a very busy man indeed! Thank you Ben!

If that wasn't already enough to love about LUSH, they also have the Lush prize which provides funds to entrepreneurs with unique and ethical practise's for making new cosmetics. Have a great idea for an ethical cosmetic product? You can apply for the LUSH prize which will aid you financially -

LUSH Luxembourg often partners with NGOs and charity organisations. Sales of their charity pot go into the "Lush fund"- which helps small, local charities. They have also partnered with Save Animals Luxembourg and Sea Shepherd Luxembourg to raise awareness of animal rights.

Now many people would support LUSH just based on their strong ethics and principles (and craziness of course) BUT it just so happens that their products are totally awesome! I have hair which is often dryer than the darn Sahara.....i just plop a little bit of LUSH's R&B treatment on it and voila.....luscious locks that smell good enough to eat! You are meant to envisage me seductively shaking my long wavy hair now......but alas I have a short blonde crop.

Anyhoo, I am massively "going off topic".....I'm meant to be telling you about LUSH's new Valentines inspired products (the real reason I was there.)

There are love hearts, kisses, sex bombs, floating flowers and lots and lots of Jasmine! But most importantly there are Unicorns......And to quote Agnes from Despicable Me,
 "Its SO FLUFFY, I wanna die." 
Okay, seriously now it was only the Unicorn hat that was fluffy, but the Unicorn Horn (Pain Moussant) is all sorts of sparkly and fantastic (see photo below.)

As the quote goes, "Always be yourself, unless of course you can be a Unicorn....then "ALWAYS be a Unicorn" - obviously, DUH!

One of the most fun parts of the evening, and there were lots of them, was that we got to get our whole Blue Peter thing on and make sh**t. We made the Catastrophe face mask which is a gentle face mask to radically transform your face on the days when you resemble the walking dead! Some of us pounded blueberries and I got to squidge all the stuff together in a gooey mess. Excellent fun!

Once the face masks were made, we tested out all the new Valentines Day products which I am happy to report were nearly all Vegan!

One of the products I particularly love is the Kiss Lip gloss which leaves your lips all sorts of soft and kissable and smells good enough to eat.

I can't Thank for the folks at LUSH Luxembourg enough for such a fun evening! They are so kind, that they even gave us a bag of little goodies to take away with us and try.....LUSH Luxembourg ....

'You ROCK!"

Lush Luxembourg
60, Grand Rue
Phone - 0035226270520
Email -

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