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Monday, 15 September 2014

International Animal Rights Conference Luxembourg 2014

 International Animal Rights Conference - Kulturfabrik, Esch Alzette.

Last week saw the fourth annual International Animal Rights Conference take place at the Kulturfabrik in Esch. For those who weren't aware, Kulturfabrik was a former abbatoir, so there is something fitting about the conference being held at this location.

The conference boasted a huge variety of international speakers ,from U.S.A, Brazil, France, Belgium, Australia and Estonia (to name just a few) and covered a wide range of topics including; Animal rights arguments, Vegan nutrition, animal testing, computer security etc.

All the presentations I attended were well researched, informative and passionately delivered generating an abundance of questions from the audience. I particuarly enjoyed the two presentations given by George Guimaraes from Veddas - (picture below) who, as a Vegan dietician, spent time answering some of my questions at the end of his talk. Thank you George!

All the food provided at the conference was Vegan, predominantly organic and offered at an amazingly reasonable price of 3 Euros (unheard of for Luxembourg:) Huge Thanks should go to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly in the kitchen and the food sponsors.

If you wanted to take a break in between presentations, there were a number of stalls selling a variety of  merchandise; everything from T-shirts, buttons and books to Vegan Cookies and toothpaste.

For a small country like Luxembourg, without it's own large animal rights community, I was Super impressed on how professional and organised everything was. Most days there were at least 300 international participants at the conference, evidence of just how highly the conference has become regarded.

If you would like more information on the conference visit

To view presentations and interviews from the conference, visit

Looking forward to the IARC 2015!

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