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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fashion for Animals

So, it's been a while since I posted.....Apologies! Petition 478 and Luxembourg for Foxes have kept me super busy over the last few weeks! Unfortunately Petition 478 did not receive enough signatures to be heard in the Chamber of Deputies.....However, I am still on my 'Mission' to inform people about the benefits of plant based diets, so rest assured...I'LL BE BACK!!!!! 

Luxembourg for Foxes is still ongoing. The hunters already have more than 4,500 signatures so will get time to speak in Parliament. We are just waiting for a date to be confirmed. In the meantime, you can still sign the Petition to 'Keep the Ban' and I also am selling Car stickers to spread the word!

But back to my original post,"Fashion For Animals." The lovely guys at (specifically Carmen and Anouk) have organised a 'Closet Sale' on Saturday 2nd May from 2pm at Hitch.

The idea is that you can browse through the closets of various Bloggers, many of them Fashionistas, and purchase some of their clothes/accessories!

Like many Vegans, I have a lot of clothes/shoes etc. which I purchased before I transitioned to a 'complete' vegan lifestyle. So there are leather shoes, wool jumpers etc. just sitting around in my closet never to be worn again - well not by me anyway.

I thought that the Closet sale would be a Great opportunity for me to have a long needed 'Clear Out' and raise some money for my favourite friends; the animals! 

As some of the items were quite expensive, my husband wasn't terribly keen on me giving them away for free, so to speak.....So we came to an agreement that 1/2 the money (and between you and me, probably more...) I will donate to PETA.

So, if you are in the market for a Leather jacket or a pair of AMAZING Harajuku Lovers boots (picture below) you can support me and still give something back to the Animals! How is that for Karma on a Saturday afternoon!?

The Sale starts at 2pm on 2nd May at 'Hitch'....I will also be selling some ' VEGAN' items too.

So why not come along and bring your friends! You are sure to find some better 'Bargins'; than in the High Street:)

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